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What I have learned throughout this experience....

I have learned so much about Newfoundlands, it's hard to put on one page. First of all, Newfoundlands are great dogs. You have to keep in mind that Newfs aren't for everyone. Newfoundlands are so loyal I can even explain it, it's so amazing. My love for Oliver and Angel is so strong the only thing I want to do is spoil them with food and treats. Spoiling them with food and treats like I see people do everyday, is actually KILLING your dog. You definately do NOT want your Newfoundland to be over weight because being over weight is hard on big dog joints. A lean Newfoundland is a happy and healthy Newfoundland...I am not saying that your dog is not allowed to have treats-just keep it to a minimum. To keep your Newfoundland healthy purchase a good quality food such as, Iams or Eukanuba. I feed my dog Iams Large Breed Proactive Health. I also feed my dogs raw food, such as chicken, eggs and other good things. I have noticed that Newfoundlands don't do really well on the cheap stuff like Ol'roy. Newfoundlands are sometimes hard to keep clean and un-matted. I find that my Newfoundlands get matts around their ears and tail the most. Newfoundlands don't require a lot of excercise, but do need daily excercise because they get over weight FAST, if not excercised properly. I either take my dogs on one long walk or two short walks EVERY day and I mean EVERY day. I find that my dogs are really hyper if they don't get their walk and plus the love time with their owners. Newfoundlands, 9 times out of 10 get along with everyone and everything. Newfoundlands drink a lot and sometimes knock their water over, so they need a good sized water container. Throughout the winter I use a 5 gallon container which has a water heater in it. Throughout the summer I use a baby pool, which I dump out and clean everyday. Newfoundlands are very messy drinkers, so I keep my water bowls outside. Newfoundlands do drool, but there is such thing as a 'dry mouth', which means they don't drool at all. My Newfoundlands are not dry mouths. Newfoundland pups range any where from $500-$2500, depending on if they are AKC registered. If you are interested in breeding Newfoundlands, gather all the information you can before hand. Black, Landseer, Brown, and Gray are the coat colors of a Newfoundland. Black is PURE black, Landseer can be black and white, brown and white, or gray and white. Brown is a solid color which some people call Bronze or Liver. Gray is a very rare color and you do not want to breed gray Newfoundlands. Never ever breed a Landseer to a Landseer because it basically ruins the breed...you loose 'TYPE' which means the puppies will lack bone size, head size, noses will be longer, and body will lack substance. Newfoundlands have different features, for example Oliver has a blockier head and a leaner body then Angel, but Angel has a longer forhead and is short and stout. Both meet the breed standards. Male Newfoundlands are usually bigger than females. Males usually weigh around 150 pounds and females usually weigh around 120-130 pounds. Before breeding your Newfoundlands you need to have the Penn Hip test done. Some people give away their dogs when they are retired from breeding or if the are not in good breeding condition. I keep my dogs. I am not saying that it is wrong to give away your dog if it is not suitable for breeding, but I dont give away my dogs. I am definately do NOT know everything about Newfoundlands and if you are a Newfoundland breeder then I would love to gather more information from you. Newfoundlands get stronger as they get older and can turn into big pullers. If you don't want your dog to pull you well walking or running then I would suggest taking the dog to obedience classes. If you are not planning on showing your Newfoundland, then I would get a 'gentle leader'. Gentle leaders let you have more control over your dog. If you are planning on showing I would use a 'choke chain'. Choke chains are somewhat similar to a show lead. If you practice healing with your dog on a regular basis then they will be perfect on the leash. Both of my dogs are clicker trained. The clicker comes in handy if my Newfoundlands start to run off...I can just click and they come back to me to get a treat. To find out more about clicker training by going to your local PetsMart. PetsMart dog training is very good, but is expensive. I suggest going to 4-H dog training, but you have to join a 4-H club first. Newfoundlands have two layers to their coat. The top layer is the longer, smoother coat and the undercoat is the shorter, denser coat. The undercoat never lets water get to the skin, which makes the Newf's job easier as a Water Dog. Black, Landseer, Brown, and Gray Newfs are recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club). Only black and white Landseers are recognized by the AKC, no other color combinations are recognized. Just because your dog is not suitable for breeding or show doesn't mean you cant enjoy him! Newfs are good at numerous things such as, Water Rescue, Obedience Trails, 4-H Showmanship, and Cart Pulling! It doesn't matter if your dog is nuetered or spayed or if your dog is not show quailty. Did I mention that Newfoundlands are hard to groom? I think that these dogs should be groomed at least twince a week, more when they are shedding. I bathe my Newfoundlands at least once a month. I also brush their teeth! For more about grooming Newfoundlands go to www.ncanewf.org. I will add to this as I learn more....


Typical Black Newfoundland



Typical Brown Newfoundland



Typical Black and White Landseer Newfoundland


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I got this information from www.ncanewfs.org.


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